Areas of Expertise

  • Level 3 Accredited Service Provider OH & UG HV/LV design- electrical power reticulation design and project management
  • Building Services – Electrical, Mechanical and solar power design and integration
  • Systems Engineering and Systems Safety Engineering for complex defence and telecommunications systems
  • Project Management of electrical projects
  • Building automation hardware and software – lighting & power management systems

Range of Qualifications of our Staff and Employees:

  • Bachelor Degrees in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor Degrees in Mechanical Engineering
  • Qualified Experienced Electricians
  • Qualified Cablers – Data, Fibre Optic and RF cabling

We provide engineering consultants services across the following electrical engineering domains:

  • Level 3 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) – LEVEL 3 ASP – Accreditation Number: 3647
  • Level 2 Accredited Service Provider – LEVEL 2 ASP No. 3000 – supply disconnect /reconnect and metering- Solar Net and Gross metering configurations
  • Accredited Master Cablers. Type: OPEN
  • Main switchboards designs, installation and commissioning.
  • Load Flow and Fault analysis and protective device coordination to minimise the portion of the system affected by a fault or other disturbance.
  • Short circuit analysis to calculate the maximum available short circuit current at various points throughout the power system.
  • Developed case studies on distributed generation for future distributed electric power generation using renewable energy sources.
  • Expertise in high voltage transmission, power transformers and the applicable Australian standards such as HB 264 & AS/NZ 61000.3.6 and AS/NZ 61000.3.7.
  • Experienced in project management and supervision of the engineers and technicians for the delivery and acceptance of the rewiring and electrical installation of complex projects.
  • Consultant Electrical Engineers – designed the power distribution system for Land 134 Australian Army project in New Zealand in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2000, AS/NZS 3001:2001, AS/NZS 3100 & AS 1768, AS NZS 3820-1998 and many more standards to provide power & data cabling to mobile shelters, accommodation units and relocatable maintenance and storage containers.